Happy holiday

We have seen much rain and fog here lately which makes the swing of the year’s pendulum back toward the longer days and shorter nights a welcome notion.  When there is too much darkness, we light candles…..

And curl up for naps in our cozy beds.

And occasionally, the clouds part and remind us of all the beautiful stars in the sky.

It has been a delightfully busy time in recent weeks.  I’m continuing to practice the art of bringing marionettes to life in preparation for my first performance in January.  The Frisch Marionettes are old-school gorgeousness and when I am around them I feel I am a part of a centuries old puppetry tradition, which, I suppose, I am….

In between puppetry practice and building concertinas at my other Best Job Ever at Carroll Concertinas I have managed to put together some drawings for a small commission I was offered.  The task was to sketch 3 dogs who are cousins.  One of the pups, the older wire haired terrier had recently passed away and so I worked from photos of her, as well as of the new puppy in that household, neither of whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  It is a challenge to capture the personality of dogs I have never met but I went with what I could glean from the photos and from my meeting with the scrappy little dog Sandy whom I did have a chance to spend some time with.  The results were well received and I think the recipients of these drawings on Christmas morning will be delighted with them.

Although I never met Mulligan, apparently I captured a bit of her spirit in this sketch.  I was so happy to do so!

Commissions were not the only thing brewing in the studio however.  It is the season of giving and so I have been elf-busy creating some handmade gifts for Christmas as well as some overdue wedding presents.  My friend Simone is a wonderful artist and had some amazing ideas for hand made votive candles made of beeswax as well as some tiny terrarium necklaces which are just so fetching that I made one for myself!!

The votives started as water balloons dipped in wax and ended up like this:

They smell amazing and cast a wonderful warm glow.

These tiny terrariums contain moss and a crystal and are sealed with beeswax.  I just  love them!  This is the first time I have built terrariums at this scale, but I have had an interest in larger ones for a long while now.  I put together a couple of big ones to present as wedding gifts and am so excited with how they turned out.

While out and about choosing gifts for my loved ones, I came across a strand of labradorite beads which I decided to fashion into a Solticey necklace along with some moonstone beads I had laying around.  These baubles look especially fetching against the back drop of pottery by my friend Lisa.

And so the days continue to pass….

We found time to choose a tree…

and to bring it home.

In spite of the busy-ness of the season with semester exams for the kids and school concerts to attend, we have also found time to celebrate this season in my most favorite way, with music.  I enjoy attending irish-music sessions whenever I can, but the best ones are often near the holidays when the college kids and young adults are back in town and we can all catch up on long over due tunes together.

I sincerely hope this holiday season is good to you, no matter how you celebrate it. May you be blessed with a chance to rest and reflect, to spend time with loved ones, and to play your own tune…..