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Meet Sandy.  Sandy is a sweet terrier mix of a dog whom I’ve come to meet recently so I could put together some drawings for her family.  It’s been forever since I have done much dog drawing.  I used to draw my old terrier, Caskie, quite a bit.  There is something irresistible about a scruffy, scribbly dog.  I adore my current caramel colored pups, Iris and River, but I don’t draw them as much as I would someone who is inherently more bed-headed.  Already I am a huge fan of Miss Sandy and her squirrel-obsessed intensity, which only a terrier can really pull off with such grace and seriousness of purpose.

Another new character in my life in recent days is this little guy, Gepetto, a Frisch Marionette with whom I’m working to practice many of the basic moves necessary to give a marionette The Illusion of Life.  Gepetto is a bit heavier and more difficult to maneuver than little Peter Page was but it’s important for me to work with many different puppets as I’m learning the ropes (so to speak).  I am really having a blast getting a hold of this new skill and can’t wait until shows start in January.

I took a day last week to meet for coffee and then bop around the art museum with a friend.  It was a gorgeous sunny day perfect for seeing beauty in the smallest things.  I was captivated by this gate at the coffee shop we visited.

The museum was as enchanting as usual.  Inspiring right down to each brush stroke.  Here are a couple of favorites from this visit….

I wonder what (or whom) she is thinking of……

My hub celebrated his birthday yesterday so we spent much of the day taking in a good bit of all that Cincinnati has to offer on a Saturday.  A Frisch production of Hansel and Gretel, lunch at a new tomato soup & grilled cheese place downtown called Tom and Chee, a visit to the endless shelves of The Ohio Bookstore (I could spend hours in there browsing all of the old tomes.  And, it’s a secret desire of mine to someday have a rolling library ladder in my very own home with which to reach the highest books on the shelf!), an afternoon bourbon toast at the historic and charming Washington Platform restaurant, and some shopping at the even more historic and charming Findlay Market.  We topped off the day with a fancy-full dinner at Cincinnati icon, the Precinct Restaurant.  It had been 12 years since we last went and the kids had never been, this being one of those Very Special Occasion places.  It was a treat for all to sit down to such fabulous food at a slow, fancy dinner pace with lovely lighting and the perfect company of my little family.  It was truly a fun and fabulous day.

As we gear up for Thanksgiving around these parts, my daughter and her teammates are working hard putting the finishing touches on their dance choreography routine for the big Oireachtas competition in Chicago next weekend.  Today they rehearsed in wigs and dresses to get the feel of performing in full regalia.  It was adorable to see them in their mismatched socks and no make-up, but we got to see a hint of what they are made of as the Oireachtas draws nigh.  It might look like a bunch of hair and fabric, but under all of it are some amazing athletes.  Best of luck to all the McGing Dancers next weekend!!


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