(above, collage from my dear friend Tina)

I’ve been outside a lot lately.  Eyeing the moon in it’s waxing, fullness, waning….. I adore its comforting light – by the fire and by the dawn.

In our somewhat untended yard space (as we are, for the time, gardening and harvesting other important things in our lives) bits of bright summer color still peek through the golden blanket of leaves that covers everything in sight.

In between stitches on the nearly complete MCQuilt (to be delivered next week – pics to come soon!!) I venture out to stretch my legs with the dogs, whose cousins are visiting for the week (double the furry fun!)  So much the color of the leaf blanket:

Ian would very much like to join in this outdoor fun, but alas, coyotes are in the neighborhood of late and sadly, they are partial to delicious morsels such as him.

Murphy feels he is very much in charge, though everyone else knows that Iris is.  And in the end, even she is under my employ.

Lots of time spent on the couch with beads and thread…. and a purring helper.

Studio work is not the only thing in my cauldron of work related stew…. There is an information meeting coming up on November 9th (6:30 pm!!) at the Art Academy of Cincinnati for anyone who is interested in the opportunity to travel to Taos next summer for the 2nd annual sketch-journaling workshop I’m teaching there.  Email me for more information as needed!

There is also a new, very new, potential arty-opp in the planning stages.  I am excited to share it with you here potentially next week…. but must let it steep a few days longer.  For now, it is back to the quilting.  I will be ready to give this project it’s final push toward its birth into the real world.  Although not tremendously large as for as works go, it’s been sort of hanging over my head for a good year now and I’m ready to move on.  To nurture some new stories and techniques.  To revisit some old ones too…

As always, I’ll keep you posted here.



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