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I didn’t plan a blog post for my outing today, so I have only a few photos to share.  But share I will!  I spent a bit of the afternoon today at the Cincinnati Art Museum, a place with which I am, sadly, not familiar enough.  Perhaps I’ve shared a chronic and increasing fascination with painting, and I think that is what drew me to the museum today.  I wanted to study Real Paintings.  Up close and personal.  I wanted to look for brush strokes and curious color choices and to think on how they made those paintings, so long ago.  And so I did.  Here’s what I found…..

There was simply too much to take in.  I can’t pick a favorite, though I do find the sheep herding painting by one Anton Mauve, to be especially fetching.  The paintings I found myself most drawn to were those with a quality of light in them.  So many of them just glow in a way that seems otherworldly.

Although I had my sketchbook with me, I pretty much walked around with my mouth half open just looking, taking it all in.  Next time I go, I might draw this guy’s hand…. because it’s beautiful.

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