hello october

The end of September and beginning of October (my perennial favorite, if I may be so partial) has brought to us some gorgeous weather.  A goal of mine this month is to actually slow down for long enough here and there to actually take it all in.  I am very much in the taxi-ing stage of motherhood right now.  Although one is of age, neither of my kids is driving yet and so their transport to all of the various activities for school and extracurriculars is left to me.  I know this is temporary and only a stage and so I just go with it;  employing books-on-tape for all the miles and trying not to get too caught up in getting much of anything long term done.

Last week I was fortunate to pay a visit to some dear friends in Albany, NY while my husband schlepped the kids around (all the while on conference calls himself!)  So much of the travel I have done in recent months has been grown up travel at a grown up pace.  But this trip was on two-year-old time.  It was not so long ago that I was mothering in the toddler/preschool era of my own children’s lives and I remember thinking it seemed it might last forever.  The clarity of time and age have taught me how quickly stages pass by and that centering in them for the moment is the best way to go.  We spent the week gathering pumpkins, visiting the New York Firefighters Museum…

Napping all around the Upstate NY countryside…. (while the mamas caught up and chatted)

and waking up in magical places….

Being up there with not a care in the world seemed to reset my inner clock a bit.  Aside from a few snapshots with my phone, I made no art.  I played little music (besides a few notes on the flute for E, mostly train whistle impersonations).  I just hung out and co-mamaed for a few days.  It was bliss and the perfect shot in the arm and reminder of how time flies, my own kids being teens now and living such rich young adult lives of their own.

Today I am not going to work at the concertina shop.  Rather I figured I share some snapshots from recent weeks and a little of where my brain is right now.

Storms over Albany…

Our ‘herd’ passing through the yard…

My dog friends ever wondering… ‘is it time for our walk yet? or how about dinner?”

The above storms nearly caused me to be late for the rehearsal for my little brother Drew’s wedding last weekend but thankfully, I was able to get home in time to partake of the festivities.  It was an amazing day.  Kells was such a beautiful bride and we were so honored to witness their nuptials.

This wedding seemed to mark a temporal shift in things around here.  Even though the kids are still running from here to there, a slowness is returning to the household.  I feel as if I have literally been on the run since May.  It is time to slow down.  I have a few more stitches and beading to do on my mammoth cave quilt….

Once this project is finished and delivered, I’d like to focus my art practice a bit and go deeper into the things that are calling to me these days.  My sketchbook work, both in teaching and in my own daily documenting, traveling with a visual diary, and painting.  I have never trained as a painter.  I had only one small section of a foundations class in art school that even dealt with oil paints.  And so I am approaching it like a beginner.  The smell alone is reason enough to dabble in oils, as is the idea that I can work with a palette of paint for awhile, go away to run a kid to dance class, and return to a still wet, supple palette of colors.  So we shall see where this takes me.  In spite of the hectic schedule of this deliciously full life, there is room and time for depth when I make it. I suppose it is the fall time that puts me in this hibernatory, cocoon -building frame of mind, but it’s good to be here.  Good to be home.

Happy fall.


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