Road time

It all started innocently enough…..

A few ceiling tiles down.  A hefty amount of 50+year old dust and a few things busted…. but I had to get a few more tiles down just to be safe….

and so I did.  It feels like the sky is falling.

I got the damage to a safe and reasonable place and now it is time to hit the road.

Tomorrow I leave for the first of 5 trips of varying lengths that will occur in the next 7 weeks.  Along with some friends of ours from the McGing Irish Dance community, we are headed to Nashville (currently but lovingly referred to as NashVegas) for the Irish Dance National Championships.  I leave behind a studio that is literally falling apart but I need to feed my gypsy-travelish soul.

To get this little blog up to speed, here is where the MCQuilt (my Mammoth Cave inspired work) is.

Change will still happen on this as I am in the process of arranging bits and pieces but this is the general feel of things.  A work that speaks of geology and history.   Topography, texture and story rolled into one 3’x4′ hand worked art-quilt.  We shall see how it goes.  My goal is to get this quilt to a point where I can utilize travel time in the car later this summer on route to our beloved Maine for handwork.  Again, we shall see how it goes.  But it feels good to have a notion of where things are headed with this bit of work.  I am excited to present it to my friends at Mammoth Cave National Park in the fall.  It’s important to me to do a good job, mostly because I love the people down there and the history and geology they all work so hard to keep alive and healthy.  No better reason to work on something in my opinion.

Upon return from Nash-Vegas I will have a few days to work on the quilt and such before we are on the road again.  This time, to Asheville NC to attend ‘Celtic Week’ at the Swanannoa Gathering for a week of sessions, lessons, kinship and fun.  This is the one week of the year that I allow myself a true vacation.  It’s strange really, with all of the trips I take and traveling I do.  But this is the one where there is no pressure.  No pressure to perform, or to care-give, or art-make.  I am a low level musician.  A total hack.  And this is a good thing.  I go to Swanannoa and simply blend and learn and worry about absolutely nothing.  It is bliss and I look forward to it every year.

After Swanannoa is our annual pilgrimage to Maine (though we headed west last year so this year back is special!), then a stop in Columbus, Ohio for the Dublin Irish Festival (more Irish Dancing and hopefully sessions!!) and then… on to IRELAND!!!! Yes, the tickets are purchased.  Jack and I are headed for 10 days of music and magic on the Emerald Isle and we are beyond excited.  It seems I am to live out of a smartly packed suitcase this summer and that is just fine by me.

I have only minor regrets this summer.  One is my dogs.

In a perfect world these guys would join me on all of my travels.  But alas, we head to dog-free realms this summer.  But in future summer travels, it is my hope that the pups can come along for extended stays.  They would love lakeside living in Maine I think.  We are gifted with a host of house/dog sitters who love our little patch of green and the golden dogs that inhabit it almost as much as we do.  And so for now, they stay… but in coming years, this may not be the case.

We will travel, to Maine at least, with our boats strapped to the top of the car.

No regrets there!  As much as I love the Ohio River Valley and its mysterious greenbrown waters, I am anxious to paddle in the crystalline northern waters of Maine.

And so we are off.  But first I have a new friend to introduce you to….

This is Ginger.  (she had a minor alien encounter while we were in New Mexico)  You may see more of her here in future posts as I coax her out of her shyness around strangers.  She has a facebook account if you want to look her up, Ginger R. Small.  Provided you send a nice message, she just might accept your friendship.  And she travels most places with me, with a lovely sense of play and style that I could never pull off myself.

I will do my best to post or between travels this summer (as may Ginger) , but I am not promising anything for  now.   I would love to hear what you are up to this summer.  Or perhaps you might want to ‘friend’ Ginger to see where our adventures take us.

When I get a chance though, I will keep you posted.  As Always.





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