keepin’ on

Here’s my new sketchbook cover for the Taos trip which is just 2 weeks away….  It’s collaged from an antique postcard I got in Taos last time I was there along with some other snippets from the collage supplies suitcase.  With my practice of drawing everyday until I leave I am very close to finishing my last book…

With working so hard, one must have helpers:

And I am already looking ahead to some projects about which I will keep you posted as they progress…

I am now off to tackle a busy spring weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “keepin’ on”

  1. I love love your new journal cover! Red! Aren’t you branching out on the color wheel….well done.

  2. Looking forward to your posts from Taos…if you can. I hope to join you next summer! Best of fun.


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