on genius

One of the most inspiring TED talks in recent years is this one, by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, among other wonderful books and articles.  I have watched it many times and come back to some of the points she makes in it when I need a little shift in my thinking, or a reminder that showing up to do my work, everyday, is all that is asked of me.

I love her thinking on the idea of genius.  That genius, or great art work or writing or music, doesn’t necessarily come from only within the artist, which, let’s face it, puts any artist in a place of tremendous pressure.  That there are other forces at work helping the artist along (“like Dobby, the house elf”), if the artist will show up and do the work without getting too much in the way.

Below is today’s doodle.  It’s of a gargoyle I bought in New Orleans years ago.  I like to look at this guy sometimes and wonder what he is thinking.  He is one of many ‘geniuses’ I have laying around to kickstart my imagination, especially when it lies dormant, drowning in inches upon inches of more rain…..

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