Art supplies first…

…then clothing and all that other stuff. I am off to Taos NM this friday morning to prepare for the arrival of 13 amazing students for the first (annual!) Keeping a Travel Sketch-Journal trip. While there I am sure to take a million pictures and finally have the time to spend making a few more thoughtful drawings, instead of the tell tale scribbles of a too busy artist-mama.

Recent weeks have seen us doing what my friend Jeni calls the Urban Iditarod, running from play practice to concert rehearsals, late to dance classes and our weekly Riley School classes, finally attending some of the best performances my kids have had to offer in their young lives.

The above program was to Jack’s concert at SCPA.  It simply defies description but leads me to believe that the various majors will be collaborating again soon.  Congratulations to all who participated!!

Then there was Walnut High School’s Jr. High performance of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I told Maddie that I completely forgot about the rest of the world for the couple of hours that we watched this show.  She says this is known as “the suspension of disbelief”.  I am now a believer in these amazingly talented young actors.

On the home front, I seem to have entered into a new realm with the combined effects of a new job and my children’s spring performance schedules.  I am on the go much more than I am at home, and much more than I’d like, to be quite honest.  That said, I know these years of busy-ness are simply the culmination of childhood.  I know that the day of my kids flying the nest draws near.  My own mama knows the wildness that is this era of life and got me a present.  Under the guise of wanting to pay me for some sewing I did for her and also as an early birthday gift, she got me a sparkly new i-phone.  Bear with me here as I explore all that the hipstamatic camera app. has to offer…. Yes, I am an i-phone newbie but I am warming to it’s conveniences.

If you follow this blog, you will notice that when I travel, I don’t blog much.  Something about lugging around a dang lap-top takes away from the sheer spontaneity that I like to take with me on the road.  So what you as a reader get is more of a synopsis upon my return from Great and Lofty Travels.  But what of the day to day during my travels?  Perhaps you would like to share a bit of this with me.  If you are one of those “status-update” types, or someone who “Tweets”, consider keeping track of my wanderings in the ether-worlds of Facebook or Twitter.  I will be updating these pages periodically with photos, links to where we will be visiting, and general impressions of everything I see and do on the road.  These electronic diary entries, combined with the rich tapestry of my sketchbook and camera will be what I mine for the blog trip-synopsis.

for Twitter:!/micromovements

for Facebook:

In the coming months I hope to update my blog and website a bit to have these things available and clickable and all that to keep things updated and current.  But this takes time.  And I have a trip to prepare for…

When I am set to leave for a climate that is potentially very different from my own, I spend the days prior to departure memorizing everything that is my juicy river valley home.  Here are some snaps…. with the hipstamatic app thingey of course.  Yes, I am a bit of a nerd.  It’s part of my charm…..

I’ll be missing those who look at me like that here at home, and they will more than likely be missing me as well.  But the road calls….

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

~Jack Kerouac

I’ll see y’all in Taos.


keepin’ on

Here’s my new sketchbook cover for the Taos trip which is just 2 weeks away….  It’s collaged from an antique postcard I got in Taos last time I was there along with some other snippets from the collage supplies suitcase.  With my practice of drawing everyday until I leave I am very close to finishing my last book…

With working so hard, one must have helpers:

And I am already looking ahead to some projects about which I will keep you posted as they progress…

I am now off to tackle a busy spring weekend!!!

on genius

One of the most inspiring TED talks in recent years is this one, by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, among other wonderful books and articles.  I have watched it many times and come back to some of the points she makes in it when I need a little shift in my thinking, or a reminder that showing up to do my work, everyday, is all that is asked of me.

I love her thinking on the idea of genius.  That genius, or great art work or writing or music, doesn’t necessarily come from only within the artist, which, let’s face it, puts any artist in a place of tremendous pressure.  That there are other forces at work helping the artist along (“like Dobby, the house elf”), if the artist will show up and do the work without getting too much in the way.

Below is today’s doodle.  It’s of a gargoyle I bought in New Orleans years ago.  I like to look at this guy sometimes and wonder what he is thinking.  He is one of many ‘geniuses’ I have laying around to kickstart my imagination, especially when it lies dormant, drowning in inches upon inches of more rain…..

sometimes words will do

Not much time to get to a drawing today, and in light of recent world events, it was words that inspired me to take to my sketchbook.  So today’s contribution to my sketchbook is in the form of some quotes I had in mind as yesterday’s events came to light.

May there be peace, someday, in the world.


fit for ducks

It continues to rain, though we did have a couple of days of blissful sunshine.  Yesterday I finally got some video footage of our little duck family that lives up the creek in the back woods.  They are very stealthy…. and sweet.

I am continuing to make a drawing a day, in spite of chores that need doing, and electrical outages that prevent posting on the blog.  Here is yesterday’s little duck doodle….