Hi ho

Today’s sketch is of the baby birds in the nest outside of the concertina shop.  I did this little sketch from a photo  my friend Jeni took at work yesterday.  She has been documenting their growth.  And such rapid growth it is!  They’ll be out of the nest in no time.  I have no idea what brand of bird they are.  I just think their reptilian beauty should be noted.

Speaking of noting beauty, check out Terri Windling’s blog posts lately.  She has some wonderful quotes from one of my favorite writer’s, John O’Donohue.  I love this idea of approaching beauty with the right kind of reverence.  There is such power in that and drawing everyday is one small way to achieve this.  This morning I missed a meeting with a friend of mine, who, ironically enough, is a life coach.  She and I were both presenters out in KC and we are trying to get together every so often to keep fresh ideas flowing and maintain a sense of forward momentum in our work promoting creative thinking.  I slept right through it.  Maybe I need some life coaching.  Things are really hectic in my life right now.  Good, but hectic.  I am cramming in too much (perhaps it’s the super human powers my smoothie consumption creates!)  Something is going to have to give.  Today it’s many things.  My flute lies dormant and has for days now, I could use a good long run, and I am very late into work (in charge of my own schedule there yes, but still, there is work to do!)  I will do a little creative carving of my schedule and figure out how to make more time for drawing and making art work and eventually, getting paid to do so.

But for now, I get paid to work at Carroll Concertinas.  So it’s off to work I go….

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