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Day three of my self-imposed challenge to draw and post some drawing of some sort everyday leading up to the Taos trip, here are today’s doodles. They are the Daily Dog!!! It’s been so long since I have posted in the Daily Dog category, mostly because these dogs, whom you may remember as puppies, seldom sit still. But today is a good day for relaxing. A little bit of rare sunshine to lie in….

As much as I love these caramel colored dogs we currently have, I truly miss my old Caskie.  We named him after a favorite Maine writer of ours, Caskie Stinnett.  Here’s a quote from Mr. Stinnett and a glimpse into why we loved his writing so much…

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. ” ~Caskie Stinnett

Have a great rest of your day folks.  I am off for some lunch and then a few hours of paid work.  Go forth and doodle.  That’s an order.  🙂

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