I’ve been encouraging my students to attempt to draw every day, even if it’s just simple exercises like blind contour drawings (which tend to result in funky little drawings that don’t look much like their source imagery!)  In just 23 days I will head to Taos and my students will be right behind me.  We all need to be ready to draw what we find enchanting out there, and there will be plenty to draw in such a new and different environment.  So I am challenging myself to make a drawing of some sort everyday focusing on the process of pen and color to paper, not on the finished drawing.  Here is today’s.  A blind contour drawing, done in pencil first, colored with some watercolor and pen to finish.  It’s my favorite chair.

For now, I am off to work at the concertina shop.  Finishing up a case today for an instrument heading to Ireland for a woman named Claire.  So exciting!  Oh, and by the way, I’ll be going to Ireland in August after all.  More on that later!!!!


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