a quickening

So the temperature outside is in the range of what I consider cold. And the gray bleakness still pervades most days.  And yes, snow is still falling a bit each day…. but there is something in the light.  A slant that despite the temps, speaks of spring time.  As human beans, we don’t have the luxury of sleeping the winter away in a hibernatory state and so we do things to keep us warm and active and hopeful through the dark months.  For me, playing music is one such thing.  Last night a few of us braved the chill and headed out to our current favorite sessioning spot at Newport, KY’s Claddagh Pub.  The folks there welcome the trad music we play each week with smiles and even applause.  The Co. Clare based manager told us last night that he felt like he was back at home with the music in the air.  As the near frozen Ohio river glided past outside the window, we played some tunes together to pass a few more winter hours.

In little over a week, Adam and I will be traveling to Kansas City to participate in the 2nd annual Arts Enterprise Summit where we will speak to participants about our work and research on creativity and Drawing Down the Vision via the illuminated journaling process.  I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting work.  The world of work, in both the arts as well as business, is a changing landscape.  Exploring the potential pitfalls and possibilities of both worlds, and discovering ways each can serve the other, are what this summit is all about.  One panel discussion I will be a part of explores the notion of a ‘portfolio career’ in which someone makes a working life out of a number of part time jobs.  This describes me to a tee.  When I started thinking about this, it occurred to me that my version of a portfolio career is more like a kaleidoscope career.  As it turns, it changes.  Each colorful bit feeding into the next and becoming part of a new pattern.  Each part of my working life winds up somehow nourishing all of the others.  I have occasionally been in the position of having to rethink certain job opportunities simply because they didn’t gel with my life pattern.  Through it all I am learning and re-patterning what works best for my life as a whole.

What feeds you?  How can your work life, your hobbies and creative passions feed the patterns that make up your ideal kaleidoscope life?

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