Quietly Mending

Here at Chez Beaugard, our puppies are slowly becoming more grown up (one faster than the other).  Lady Iris sits patiently while the climate of hibernation continues…

Back in December I participated in a Bereavement Quilt Workshop with San Fransisco-based Artist Sherry Lynn Wood. She posted a few of the photos she took over the weekend of our quilts in process.  Needlework is a wonderful way to while away winter hours and I have been doing quite a bit of it, knitting and embroidering.  Years and years ago, before art school even, I used to patch my jeans with fabric and whimsical embroidery.  I’m not sure why I got away from this playful process but I have been inspired to pick it back up again via Sherry’s wonderful blog entry on what she calls the “Unpredictable Geography of Mending”. I love this description of mending, especially when applied to matters of the soul.  The last couple of years have been brutal in so many ways, thankfully graced with touches of magic and wonder. I feel a tremendous sense of internal mending this winter as I rest and prepare for what will be an incredibly active spring of workshops and talks and the travels inherent to them.

Below are a couple of pairs of jeans that are  now a tad less breezy than they were.  Patching as a process is a good bit like drawing in a sketchbook.  It’s great exercise for the brain to relax and let newer, bigger ideas flow in.  If you have never picked up a needle and thread or a pencil and sketchbook, I encourage you to try it.  As Milton Glaser writes, “How you live, changes your brain”.  This includes activities like drawing…. and what is embroidery but drawing with thread.

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  • Sherri Lynn Wood January 24, 2011 - 12 years ago

    Amy – these look fabulous. This reminds me that I have to mend the knees of my boyfriend’s jeans. I promised I would as a Christmas gift.

  • Natalie Coleman January 24, 2011 - 12 years ago

    So beauty-full. I love the colors of thread you used.
    Now off to make my jeans have holes…. 🙂


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