Winter Magic

Just a couple of days ago, it was warmish (comparatively speaking) and rainy – enough to bring my shoulders down out of my ears and for some snow to melt.  I sketched the earthy colors outside my studio window (yes, warm enough to be in the studio, bundled as I was). But Ohio weather being the changing animal that it is, today we are blessed with a fresh snow storm that has kids home from school and dogs all in a tizzy.

A good day for a walk…

We have plenty of woods in our area and it’s fun to head out with my Hub (who thankfully works from home and can occasionally get outside around lunch time), the dogs, and whichever kids feel like tagging along.  Today it was my niece and nephew over for the snow day.  Fresh snow has a way of bringing out the crazy in most dogs and mine are no exception.

I love the pure joy that they embody as they run and jump and play.  I know this is not limited to my wild pack o’ pups.  One of my favorite artists in the blogosphere showed her own hound bounding around with winter’s bliss in a recent post.  Their joy is infectious!!  I have been missing my old dog Caskie lately for some reason.  His little box of mortal remains was placed here in this sculpture made by my multi-talented partner.  Am I crazy to even consider getting back to the chaos and trouble that is life with 3 dogs?  I am not so sure.  But it was nice while it lasted.

After our hike, it was time to look for fossils in the creek (my nephew’s idea).

There were plenty of ordovician invertebrates to be found of course!!

Meanwhile, it’s Iris vs. the chipmunk community who lives down in the rocks alongside the creek….

(“I smell chipmunk”)

(“I know they are in here somewhere…”)

Alas, as Riley swings, the chipmunks are nestled into their hillside abode, most likely snuggled up together against the snow.

And so it was time to head back in for some soup, a fire in the fireplace and cozying up in the blanket fort….

It seems an especially nice gift to have all the kids home from school today and to have the chance to enjoy this gorgeous snow.  It’s Esme‘s 15th birthday today.  She is often on my mind as I go about my business in the world as artist and mama, but today she is exceptionally close at hand, like her spirit is just across the liminal realm so she can check back in with all of us left behind.  Happy Birthday kiddo.  Thanks for the snow storm….

Here’s a bird drawing for you…..

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