Cold Blue Days


If it could say itself January

Might brighten its syllables on the frost

Of these first New Year days whose cold is blue.

Meanwhile in this corner of its silence

A weak winter sun lowers down behind

The moor that rises away from the lake.

Beyond reach of light, the shadowed water

Succumbs to this darkening of spirit

That would deny the bog today’s twilight.

All of a sudden something else breaks through

To appear at the far end of the lake

In two diagrams of white, uneven light.

I have never seen white so absolute

And alone, glistening in awkward form

Dreaming across the water a bright path.

As it stirs and changes, I see what it is:

Two swans have found the mirror in the lake

Where a V of horizon lets light shine through

To make the light-source and light-shape in one.

Now they swim and fade through windows of reed

And disrobe the lake of apparition.

I look and look into their vanishing

See nothing. Departing that perfect ground

I knew I had been hungry for blessing.

~i.m. tony o’malley

Yesterday I planted my amaryllis bulbs (finally) whose impending growth and beauty will hopefully see me into the first breath of spring.  Already the light comes sooner in the morning in this post solstice time.  It is gray outside which makes the chill dig a bit deeper into my bones.

To combat the chill there is work to be made at the kitchen table (the studio space is not a comfortable place to be in the cold winter months), soup to be conjured on the stove and tea to steep its warmth into my soul.  Wishing you warmth in these cold, blue early January days.


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