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Today I installed a little show of recent work at my favorite coffee shop, Pleasant Perk.  I had the most amazing bowl of soup, created by culinary goddess Amanda and sampled some of the new loose tea recipes she has been experimenting with during her tenure as barista.  Although the shop has new owners now, changes are being made while keeping the soul of the place and this makes me happy.  On a cold snowy day such as this, a bowl of homemade soup can make my day.  If you yourself like soups, check out my friend and fellow blogger Julie Keefe‘s site where she showcases a new soup recipe most Sundays.  On other days her writing and thoughts on things are simply a breath of fresh air.  Soup for the soul as they say.

So, in spite of some serious illnesses in and around my family in recent weeks, my “pet” studio woodpecker *(as if dogs and cats weren’t enough!) and I managed to get enough collages together and mounted on fabrics to show this month at the shop.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by!

In other news, my flight to Taos, NM for next spring’s travel sketch workshop is BOOKED!  I have been holding my breath wondering if the trip would be a go.  Would my class sell at this level?  In this economy?   I am honored to be able to teach in the Taos setting.  I’ll be writing more in weeks and months to come as I prepare for the workshop.  Booking is still available for 4 or 5 more slots until January 15.  If you are not based in Cincinnati and are interested in this opportunity, contact me!  We can work something out for sure.  Meanwhile though, I have a fabulous group this season and we are coming up on week 4 in the sketchbook class.  Their work is amazing!  Maybe this week I can get some snapshots to share here.  But for now, I am off to school pick up.  ‘Til next time…

*a note on the studio woodpecker.  this little fella has been working his tail off on the outside of my studio walls.  it’s hilarious and annoying all at the same time.  everytime I head out to get a good look or photo of him he flies off, the little bugger.  so I figured I’d record him just for kicks and share it here!

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