The Ancients Bubbling

These last couple of weeks I have been sifting through the drawings, photos, experiences and memories of one of the most inspiring vacations I have ever embarked upon. My family and I made a big decision this year to take a year off from our annual plans in Maine and head west. With the kids getting older, I knew that this might be the year to let them experience how vast this country really is, before they grow up and leave the nest. So with our “tour guide” and dear friend Lisa, we went to Montana, where she grew up, and soaked up everything Big Sky country has to offer.

It’s all too much to put into one blog entry, one sketchbook (I finished one and began another while out there), one body of work. I plan to write and post a lot related to our time out west in the weeks to come. We experienced landscape that defies imagination while in Wyoming and Montana. It’s as if the very Earth is breathing out there. This is a similar sensation I’ve had when visiting live caves and I have a deep sense that my upcoming residency at Mammoth Cave National Park is somehow related to our recent family travels. I am excited to explore all of it in my writing and via the art work that is bubbling at the surface since arriving home.

Above is a simple stop motion video I put together while at Yellowstone. The music is by a Cincinnati based band, the Pomegranates, whose music was in my head and on my i-pod a lot while out west. This particular song, I feel like I’m a million years old, is a good description of how I felt out there. Time and geology have a different story to tell than here in Ohio. I love that. So stay tuned. Distillation takes time.

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