more sketches

Spent a couple of hours at the zoo again this week….  here’s a few sketches.

This is Rembrandt.  He is a screech owl who lost an eye and is now hanging out at the zoo with his volunteer educating the public.  He is absolutely lovely.  and tiny. Though I think those talons could do some damage if they had to.

There is a feed the giraffe station now at the zoo which is really cool.  For a buck you can give the giraffe a cracker.  The giraffes don’t seem to mind and it brings them right up close for sketching.

We caught this old guy napping.  So tender.  And somewhat human I think.  There is a certain person-ness to primates at the zoo.  Especially the orangutans.

That’s all for now.  Off to practice some music!!

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