Up with the old and on with the new

One of the problems that plagues a visual artist is the question of what to do with all the art work that gets made.  It’s possible to give some away to unsuspecting, er, supportive loved ones.  And occasionally, a piece of work or two gets sold along the way.  But most of the artists I know, including (and especially) myself, have artwork just sort of laying around, often in pieces.  I have casts of my hands that I made for “In Any Language” propped into some of my house plants.  Sometimes when casting, there are bits that aren’t good enough to put into the work, but are still too cool to toss out.  And so I have creepy looking hands growing out of my houseplants!  And of course, there are the works that are languishing in storage, gathering dust in the attic in boxes or bags.

A favorite of these bagged up works is “Tubular CM“.  It was a pretty successful student work of mine but in spite of all the positive feedback it received, it never sold.  I had it up on my own walls at my old house and even for a bit here at Chez Bogard prior to the renovation.  But mostly the “tubes”, as I lovingly call them, have been in storage.  So fast forward a few years and I’m at the hair stylist with my boy Jack.  Our stylist, Shannon of Salon Cherry Bomb, happened to mention that she needs some art to put on her walls.  “something sculptural, that sort of comes out of the wall a bit, I don’t really even know what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I see it.”  The tubes came to mind and I pointed Shannon to my website.  She stopped by the studio the other day to meet the tubes in person and loves them.

So here’s the deal, I’m installing the tubes on her walls for an indefinite period of time.  She gets cool, free art to display.  I get to lay a pile of business cards out on her desk and maybe get some patronage from one of the many varied and interesting clients who come to her salon each day and find themselves (potentially) drawn to my work.  And an interesting work of art gets to come out of the attic.  I am not sure if this is proper artistic protocol, this notion of resurrecting old art work.  But frankly, I don’t really care.  I don’t want to give away my work, but I don’t mind lending it, especially if it brings some traffic my way.  I often say that if you don’t stir the pot, all the good stuff settles to the bottom.  So I’m stirring.

Meanwhile, I continue to find inspiration in other artists.  Kim is working on a new album and I am first in line to get a listen to it.  Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, is my new personal guru, whether she knows it or not.  I have watched her TED talk a number of times when I need a reminder that doing what I do is worthwhile and important, even when it’s undervalued (read, unpaid).

Summer is in full swing around here with a lighter kid-running schedule and a little more room for studio play.  It’s wonderful. I am taking full advantage of the time, finishing up odd projects and tackling new.  Continuing to explore things in the wax world and finding my own voice in that tricky medium.

Happy Summer to you too.  Get out and draw something!

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