Our region has been crushed by a winter storm that brought not only the dreaded White Death (a.k.a., snow) but also, more dangerous, ice.  Layers and layers of each.

My sister’s 2 kids have joined our household for a few days and as a group, the kids are on snow day number 4.  Things have been a bit chaotic and crowded, needless to say, but we are occupying the time with sledding, snow forts, Wii games, movies and hot cocoa.  I have been pining, just a tad, for my solitude and studio time, but nothing, not even an ice storm, can shut down the mind of an artist.  I have been knitting like a fiend on a sweater I haven’t touched in years.  I learned how to darn a sock I made a while back that had developed a hole.  I have been outside a bunch snapping pictures of the beautiful ice.  It is something of a miracle to me that something as simple as ice and snow can be so breathtakingly beautiful.

Art never really stops, even when it feels at a stand still.  Outside I noticed that there is water flowing under all the ice and snow in our creek.  I think that makes for a nice winter metaphor regarding creativity.  No matter how frozen things may seem on the surface, underneath it all, things are flowing.  Ideas are brewing and will eventually thaw and bloom into more tangible, fully realized work.  For now I must have patience for these slow and hibernatory times, and find the art where I can….

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