New Beginnings

Yesterday I kept the kids home from school (yep, I am one of those parents) so we could head downtown to Fountain Square together to watch President Obama’s Inauguration on the huge jumbo-tron television they have set up there.  There were a couple hundred other fellow Cincinnatians there as well, and they breathed collective sigh of relief as Obama’s oath was taken.  I felt it important to experience the Inauguration among fellow citizens.  In spite of our very cold toes, or perhaps because of them, the kids and I felt like we could almost have been in Washington, DC at the actual event, a small part of the huge crowd of Americans so joyful to bear witness to this new beginning….

New beginnings come to us in many ways; with pomp and circumstance such as that of the momentous Inauguration of President Obama (wow, it feels great to type that!) and with smaller, more private (but no less momentous) personal moments.  As the Inauguration was happening, some of my dearest friends were finding out that their expected baby will be a boy and is developing beautifully, yawning and sucking his thumb, on his way to being a full sized person.  In spite of the dark of winter, there is something stirring in the groundswell of humanity.  That something is Hope.

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