on dogs

I’ve been in the studio working lately which feels really good after what has been a bit of an art slump for me.  As constant company and inspiration, I have my three dogs, two of whom are beginning to act more like dogs, and less like puppies.  Above is Caskie who winds up getting drawn more when I am writing.  His black and white fur lends itself more to simply drawing without the painting.  The problem is then sometimes sketches of him wind up trapped in the daily griping and list making that occurs on occasion in my journals.  Thank goodness for Photoshop, right?

Meanwhile, Iris and River grow and grow and grow.  Yesterday River got nibbled by a spider (at least that is what the vet thinks, he says he sees it a lot around this time of year) and looked like a boxer who had gone a few too many rounds.  He is fine now with some injections of things like benadryl  and seems really no worse for the wear.  I wonder about these spiders however and have a date tonight with the shop-vac.  So a warning to any biting spider/insect in Chez Bogard…. run for the hills before sundown or else!!

Iris is my little naturalist, camped by the back door of the studio each day counting deer, bucks, squirrels and birds.  Constant vigilance, and nothing less from this little lady.

I love spending studio days with the dogs.  It’s really the best of both worlds; cozy companionship coupled with the healing balm of solitude.

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