Digging Deep

Art as Work is an interesting phenomenon.  Try as one might to work under the constructs of a “normal” work life, sometimes it’s impossible.  I took an emotional plunge in recent weeks, on the heels of vacation season, as the kids were starting school, in the midst of domestic chaos.  I simply could not handle being in my studio, or my house even for that matter.  I have made no paintings.  I have not sketched.  I have just wanted to be outside.

With all of the construction still going on, or perhaps a better description would be that it is not going on, I just have not wanted to be inside where I could see it.  We should have counters installed next week.  Our concrete floors have had to be repaired for a second time since this all began and we are off of them again for another week.  (Kudos to our concrete company for standing by their products… but we are really ready to be done.)

There is really only one thing that has saved me over the past two weeks and that is digging in the dirt.  Tony and I removed some old evergreen bushes that were really blocking and dating the front of the house.  I put in some end of season perennials and we ordered a boulder from a local landscaping company.  It has felt good to begin something and complete it all in a reasonable amount of time.  This project was something we could do ourselves and that we have had control over.  It felt creative.

This is where my art is right now.  In the dirt.  I realized I didn’t feel like being on the computer lately and that has been ok.  In fact, it is one of the things I love about vacation.  So I have unplugged quite a bit these last weeks.  And I plan to continue to do so.  I also enjoy blogging and plan to continue to do that as well.  But for now, the pressure’s off.  I am just going with the flow, trying to keep things as sane as humanly possible around here.

I’ll keep you posted… when inspiration strikes…

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