Fruits of Summer

We have a fairly large population of deer here in our neck of the woods so growing vegetables is tricky business. But thanks to my dogs and some lovely black netting, I was able to coax a tomato from a patio plant just outside the back door… and there are more to come. Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of plain old tomatoes but there is something about a home grown tomato that personifies summer time.

I have been reading some books lately about different approaches to dog training as the puppies continue to grow. Right now I am doing solo walks with each dog to work on leash skills before going back to pack walks. The combined strength of the three of them is out of my control and so we each need a little work together to remind them who is the leader of the pack. It is paying off, as each pup is tugging less on the leash and learning to walk next to me, allowing me to lead. It is time consuming and I miss my days of drawing them as much as when they were small. I realize that with time, we can all take a longer walk together again at the same time and then I’ll have tuckered out subjects to model for me.

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