Seeking Sanctuary

This is a very big elephant. She is about the size and shape of the one that likes to sit hanging out on my chest much of the time in the form of a quietly anxious feeling that doesn’t like to let up. There’s often not a set reason for this feeling and learning to name it and own it have really helped me to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. So today, this is where I am. Things around the house are still in shambles but moving forward a little bit every day. I am beginning to really look forward to having our space back to some semblance of normal. I realize how much my home and work space operate as a sanctuary for me and that through the bulk of this renovation, that has not been the case. Here is a surround view of my studio which, for now, holds much of our future kitchen, living room and dining room…. oh yeah, and my studio, of course!

This evening there is an art show opening at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. It is a collection of work by the artists who teach community education courses there and I am honored to have a couple of pieces of my work in the show. Tomorrow I get to spend the entire day at Northern Kentucky University making art at a workshop run by Randel Plowman. I have been collecting old magazines and other stuff for collage as well as picking stuff up on walks. It should prove to be a good time and a good escape from my chaotic home and anxious mind set.

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