small town positives

There are a number of things that make living in Cincinnati a bum deal at times.  Smog alerts in the summer.  Humidity.  There is not an ocean anywhere nearby… or good mountains either.  Even so, I find myself counting my blessings more often than not about living in this town.  The cost of living is fairly reasonable for one thing, which is nice.  But more importantly, Cincinnati is where many of my family and friends are.  In fact, it is not a rare occurrence to be driving down the road and see my brother in the rear view mirror.  Or perhaps run into a cousin or a friend at the grocery.  This is what I love about living here.

Although Cincinnati is considered a decent sized metropolitan area, I find myself seeing people I know everywhere I go.  Yesterday, stuck in traffic on I-75, I look out my window to see someone in a truck waving frantically to get my attention.  Much to my delight, it was my friend and whistle buddy, Joe, finally home from Ohio State for the summer.  We chatted for a minute and I snapped his picture with my phone.  What I love about living here is the people that make Cincinnati such a great “small town”.  Welcome home Joe!  When can we have a tune or two?

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