the current list

These are a few things that are on my brain recently….

1. puppets

2. soapstone

3. tamarins

4. tamarind trees

5. tunes

6. persimmon

7. puppies…


Yes, that is Parker the Party Girl, over for a visit in her Sunday Best. Caskie was part of this romp as well (as were Bonnie and Maggie, Parker’s cousins from next door) but was probably sitting in the creek cooling off just to the left of the frame of this photo. The pups are about 6 months old or so now. Caskie is finally not only used to River and Iris, but really loves them. There is a lot of Wild Kingdom-esque wrestling and playing these days. There is mutual respect at meal time and sometimes the cat makes a run for it, giving the dogs a little thrill. Life in Dog Land here is pretty dog-gone great.

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