One Plate to Rule Them All

Tomorrow the demo crew arrives to begin Phase I of the HUGE remodeling project that is our house. The cool thing is, we have lived here just long enough to know how we’d like the space to flow, but not long enough that we are too settled in to create some change. The past few days have seen a flurry of activity, moving workable kitchen stuff to the lower level, putting all the but the essentials into boxes. I told the kids to choose one bowl, one plate, one cup etc. that each person will be responsible for to have for meals. Maddie quirked that we now each have “One Plate to Rule Them All” (a la Lord of the Rings).


Soon walls and ceilings will be coming down and getting framed in elsewhere to modernize and open up our floor plan. With all of the impending upheaval and chaos headed our way, I spent a few minutes today dusting off old Buddha outside my studio door and sprucing up my doorway altar. It will be necessary to maintain some sacred, put-together areas of the house to avoid losing all sense of sanity while the contractors are here.

I have heard so many stories over the years of what a challenge a large residential renovation can be but I am trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude and realize what a tremendous privilege it is to be embarking on such a project. Secretly I have kind of enjoyed getting stuff back into boxes and paring down to basic minimums. It appeals to my gypsy side. Living primarily in one area of the house will feel a bit like camping and that is the spin I am putting on it for the kids.

Meanwhile, things feel hopeful around here as it is finally spring… I think. Today the sun shone all day and the temps are mild. The kids and their cousins played outside in the creeks and in the woods all day, as did the dogs. It will be a good time of year to renovate. We can always pitch a tent out back if things get too crazy indoors!

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