The past few weeks have seen the colliding of two projects that have been a lot of fun, but have also taken up most of my precious free time. Fortunately they are finished and are meeting with successful reviews from the folks who wanted them to happen (and are footing the bill).


The Red Cross tornado safety puppet show “The Wind Around the Toy Box” has a new and improved toy box/ stage which Jeni and I began using this week. Not only are the puppets enjoying all the new space back stage but their puppeteers aren’t consuming quite as much advil these days to keep up with the muscle strain!

Meanwhile, my work at Plum Diore finished up last night with the installation of dozens of sculpted flowers created to match their spring design. A lovely and talented art student named Erin, and I installed these hand crafted forms in the windows of the boutique and also throughout the shop. Tomorrow evening is their big fashion show and party to which all of this has been leading up. Normally I am not into this sort of shin dig. I find I am more comfortable in an old pair of jeans and a soft wool sweater. But the excitement is contagious I guess and I have a new outfit to wear and plan to attend for a little while to see all the models dressed in all the finery. Plus, I hear their hair may be defying gravity. I find this notion intriguing.


My class at the Art Academy of Cincinnati finished up a week or so ago and I was genuinely sad to see it end. I really enjoyed all of my students and was amazed to see how gutsy and adventurous they became with just some cool art supplies and space and time in which to create. It looks like I will be teaching the class again in the fall time frame. I learned as much from my students and teaching this class as I hope they learned from me so I am sure there will be changes and fine tuning that will make the class even richer for those who take it. I am anxious to get back into working in my own sketchbook again in the coming weeks.

Teaching is a constant theme in my life and nowhere is that clearer recently than at home with the pups. They are growing like weeds and getting very strong, especially on walks. I found collars for them that allow the walker to lead the dog by the head, much like a horse, without all the tugging and choking of the usual collars. So we have slowly been adjusting to a new, gentler way of walking around the neighborhood.  With all this leash training though, sometimes you just have to go for a romp in the woods, leashes off. In spite of the rain, that is what we did a few days ago. It was well received by all.


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