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I’m relatively new to this blogging phenomenon, having only begun the process last October. In general, I have been fairly diligent getting posts up on the blog at least a few times a week. Lately however, as my more attentive blog readers can attest, I have been on the about-once-a-week plan with posts. I struggle with a bit of guilt over this. When I decided to embark upon building a website with the help of my friend and (yet another) fellow musician, Chris, I knew that blogging would be part of the package. I read blogs and about the process of blogging for years before I was ready to jump on the blog-boat. If I was to blog, it would be something to which I would commit. For the long haul. This is still the plan.

That said, a long term commitment to blogging, which really only amounts to a public version of a life-diary, needs to include a little wiggle room for the conditions that make up a real life, at least my real life. I am an artist, a full time mom (read: lots of time in the car to and from dance and music lessons, school, check-ups, concerts, making dinner, grocery shopping…. and the list goes on) a wife, a committed pet owner, an amateur musician, a good friend, a seeker of soul. All of these things occupy time and energy. Both of which are occasionally in short supply.

I have a tendency toward a pendulum style of existence. There is rarely balance. The best I can do is recognize and be present in my being at one end or the other of this swinging pendulum, and hang on for dear life. I know that soon, I will have the opportunity to analyze fascinating minutiae again. I’ll have time to take long walks with my dogs and notice the local hawk that hunts in our neighborhood. I may even lament about stagnancy and, dare I say it, boredom.

In the meantime, I have lots of active work available to me that leaves little time for blogging or lamenting. Here in the mid-west, it is officially Tornado Season and my job as a puppeteer at the Red Cross is pretty much full time. Jeni and I finished up our new stage and will go on the road with it this coming week. I am sure my knees and shoulders will be glad of the upgrade! Some photos of the set up have been taken and as soon as I get them I will post them. I am also delighted to have a side project at a darling boutique called Plum Diore where I have spent much of spring break making flower forms to throw some added pizazz to their spring line of fashion. These flowers are just a sculptural interpretation of their spring design which can be found on the website, on the windows and on the invite to this Friday’s fashion show.



So, yeah, that pendulum is about as far over into the too-much-on-my-plate side of things as it can get. But it is good. I may not have time to blog every day, but today I learned most of a five part jig in whistle class. I went to my friend Cindy’s house to get some old watch parts that belonged to her dad, a watchmaker, so that I might embed some watch bits into an encaustic painting. I watched some basketball (very out of character) with my Xavier fan husband Tony (alas, UCLA wins). I even had time over the weekend to enjoy time with friends whom I hadn’t seen in awhile (Tina, Rachel, I love you both).

Although this blog is something to which I maintain a commitment for the long haul, perhaps it isn’t the best measure of balance in a life as rich and complicated as mine is. Perhaps the best measure is that I have friends and family who love and care for me… and may I just say, one of those friends makes the BEST Leek-Goat Cheese Tart I have EVER had (not to mention the yummy smoked trout!)


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  1. But your blog is so meaty! Each entry is so thorough that your blog reads more like a book than a blog; it has chapters. Weekly actually works well for your particular blogging style, so don’t worry about it!

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