Breaking for Spring


It is Easter Sunday (yes, that is a Giant Peep) and things are feeling kind of quiet around here, finally. The kids are off this whole coming week for their school’s spring break. Although I have a good amount of work to do myself this week, I have nothing that needs to conform to any strict schedule (i.e. Rec Cross puppet shows!) It is always interesting to me, the interplay between the different types of work I have in my life. On the one hand there are the ever important money making jobs I am lucky to have. These are fortunately mostly art related or at least fun, but since they involve working for others, there are constraints on my time and energy which are often out of my control.

On the other hand, I have the art work I love to do, and for which I have even occasionally been paid. This work is more of the soul realm. The creative stuff. Recently, the money making work has been in the forefront, while the soul work has been on the back burner and this has me feeling a bit out of balance. There are other times when I have too much time on my hands to make “real art” and then find myself stalling. Where is the balancing point? This is my constant struggle. My goal this week is to reconnect with my studio and relish in some alone time writing and making while Tony takes his well deserved kayaking trip to Florida.

Another goal this week is to get some serious music practice in. Last weekend I got to enjoy playing in a session with not only my beloved Irish Music buddies from here in Cincinnati, but also with some other wonderful musicians in Lexington, Ky. Dan and Bev of Liam’s Fancy along with their friend from Co. Sligo Tim Mulcahy had a gig in the sweet little town of Midway, Ky. Afterwards we all headed to a brand new pub in Lexington and practically had the place to ourselves for a session. The music as well as the company could not be beat.




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