Band Night


Three out of the four people in my immediate family are actively involved, in some form or another, in the Irish cultural scene here in Cincinnati. The annual McGing Ceili was last night so while Maddie performed dances on which she and her classmates have worked months, Jack and I had the honor of playing in the Riley School Ceili Band.

As I have said before, unlike my talented children who seem to both have been born into the act of making music, I came to music as a bit of a late bloomer and only started really playing a couple of years ago. It has taken a lot of practice to be able to not only learn the tunes up to speed but to get over my stage fright and just enjoy playing.

The hard work of practice and commitment in music has wonderful payoffs, beyond just a girl in the ceili band. My friend Kim Taylor had a concert later in the evening to which a few of us dashed after the ceili. Kim is a prolific song writer and the crowd was treated to a bunch of new material and a new band with whom she’s been working recently. Personally, I was overwhelmed by the vast number of people packed into the Northside Tavern and I sat amazed at how poised and composed Kim was as she performed. It was a brilliant show.

No late evening out in Cincinnati is complete without a visit to one of the many all night chili parlors. We decided on Camp Washington Chili and by 3 a.m. had filled our bellies with chili, cheesy fries and lots of oyster crackers.

The sun is shining today and there is a real nip of spring in the air (I don’t think there are any snowstorms headed our way…) I plan to work in my sketchbook a bit to try to keep up with my amazing students at the Art Academy. My class, Getting Started: How to Keep a Sketchbook/ Journal finally began this past Thursday. All of my students jumped right in to making their blank books become an expression of themselves. I am excited to see what they have added to their books after just one class.

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