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Major doings in the studio here at Chez Bogard. I have spent much of the past few days re-configuring and re-organizing my workspace, in spite of the winter cold that makes my favorite room in the house unusable this time of year. Tonight I built a roaring fire, plugged in a space heater, bundled up and spent the evening getting the final push on this project which was inspired by our upcoming household renovation which should happen this spring.

There were other things spurring this space-overhaul. One thing is my plan to get back into working with wax again on a more regular basis. I used to have a studio outside of my house at Essex Studios which was great but my end of the shared space didn’t really have any windows. I got the benefit of the light from the windows, but no ventilation. I often left there with a sore throat when I was working with wax. Probably not healthy. This new set up allows for direct access to the sliding glass door, and fresh air.

The other thing driving this effort is the general malaise that is Winter for me. I battle it every year. Over the years I have learned things about myself and my surroundings that enable me to get through to spring. Sometimes changing up my living or working spaces is just the ticket to give me the momentum to keep plugging on through one more cold, gray day (although today was blissfully bright… but still pretty brisk!).

Later this week I start teaching my class at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I am excited to meet my students (some of whom I already know well) and begin the process of passing on this notion of taking the day-to-day just seriously enough to get the essence of it down into a sketch book.

So that is what is happening here. I’d love to hear what’s happening in the studios or even just the sketch books of you other artists out there. I know Lisa is making movies with Denise again, Elle is making her own clothes and composting…. in the middle of NYC. Still others are involved in projects which I know will eventually lead to work, though it’s difficult to see that when one’s in the thick of it. This is what we do; live, work and rearrange. Then do it all again.

Perhaps through the cold nip in the air there is something more; a quickening, ever so slight, of Spring.

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