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The past few days I have been lucky enough to have my sister’s kids, Riley and Lincoln join our daily routine here while she and her husband went to Mexico. This was a work trip for him… technically, but since spouses were invited to come along, I am sure they are having at least a little bit of fun and soaking up a few sunrays so scarce here in Ohio.

I took the kids out to the local favorite ice-cream store, Graeter’s one day. Collectively, the best flavor seems to be black-raspberry chip (though Jack is partial to the mint chocolate chip). We also got to reap the benefits of Valentine’s Day together. A good time was had by all.

It is hard to say where my days go sometimes. Suddenly this week is gone and I did not blog or draw as much as I thought I might have. While the kids were at school I busied myself with gearing up for my spring time puppetry gig with the Cincinnati area chapter of the American Red Cross. As tornado season approaches, my friend Jeni and I will be spreading the word to young kids about how to be prepared and stay safe…. with the help of some puppet friends. More to come on that.

I have also been continuing to spend a bunch of time with my head buried in books with my new obsession regarding the concept of mapping. Many thanks to Fiona for suggesting Katherine Harmon’s You are Here – Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination. I have ordered this book online along with The Power of Maps by Denis Wood. Both look to be good reads.

The question of how to interpret all of this new artistic fodder has not escaped my thinking. I have also been scouring the local thrift, art and home stores for the gear and supplies needed to try my hand at an art process called encaustic. I have used beeswax for years in much of my sculpture. But to add pigment, and paint with it…. now I am into new territory, and terribly excited!

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