Breathe Deep, Seek Peace


The other day I offered these words to a friend of mine who is going through a tumultuous time of change and difficulty. I actually read this quote years ago in a book my son and I were reading together about the island of Dinotopia, a magical world where dinosaurs and people live a near utopic existence. In the books,one person (or dinosaur) says “breathe deep” as a form of greeting, which is then responded with “seek peace.”

The books about Dinotopia are poetically written and beautifully illustrated by James Gurney. Plenty of samples of his work are on his website (linked above) but nothing beats curling up in a big comfy chair and losing yourself in the world he has created in his books. They are a feast for the senses down to every last detail.

What I enjoy most in these books besides the images themselves, is the peaceful feeling that pervades the world of Dinotopia. It’s enough to make one want to live there. That said, I can’t help seeing a connection between the philosophy of Gurney’s peaceful world and the philosophy behind the basic tenets of Yoga and meditation. Perhaps we can create just a bit of that peace within, and just around, ourselves here in our world, if we take a moment to breathe deep…. and seek peace.

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