What’s bugging me

This dang cold weather, that’s what! But even though it has been in the single digits, my fibery friend (and fellow Irish Musician Diva) Jeni Westerkamp and I managed to venture out for a trip to St. Theresa’s Textile Trove. St. Theresa’s is one of the many things that make Cincinnati a great place to be an artist. There are beads, fabrics, jewelry, embroidery thread – all made of wonderful, true materials such as cottons, silk, bone, stone, wool, and much more.


I bought some silk embroidery thread to add to my stash and I plan to embroider another bug. Those who have known me long enough know that I have a thing for bugs, especially the more dramatic ones. In my freezer I have a number of collected bugs (I always gather them post-mortem, just in case you were wondering) awaiting to be rendered in some form or fashion in the future. I think I am in the mood to embroider a dragonfly, perhaps onto my new black silk scarf….


One of my favorite embroideries I ever made was also of a bug; a luna moth that was found in Elkins, WV while a bunch of us were at the Augusta Heritage Center for Irish Week. There seem to be all kinds of beautiful moths in the mountains of Elkins and I mentioned that the one moth I had always wanted to catch a glimpse of, but never had was a luna moth. My friend Sherry told me there just happened to be a perfect specimen on the wall of her dorm and so I collected it. It had already died what seemed to have been a painless death, as it was indeed a perfect specimen, like it had simply laid down and died.


Below is what I wound up embroidering. I made a quilt with this image on it and whenever I catch sight of it on my bed, a small part of me is taken back to the magic that is Augusta.


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