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I love lists. They are what get me through a hectic week with too much on my plate and not enough time or brain space to fit it all in. Lately the lists have been overly long, and the things that wind up not getting done on these lists tend to be the art related things: practice music, work in sketch book, etc.

As always, my greatest struggle is to create balance in my life between what needs to get done, what I want to do, and what is actually possible. My goal is to pay closer attention to the order of events on my to do lists and better prioritize them. As much as household chores and such need to be done to save my sanity, so too do I need to keep up with my daily art chores of sketching and writing to keep ideas flowing in the studio.

This past weekend the kids and I went to see the musical Wicked downtown. As expected, it was an incredible production that all of us found thrillifying. Attending something like Wicked reminds me what the creative pursuit is all about and helps me to keep my art well filled. It is incredible that what started out as someone’s notion to interpret a book into a musical, has become a phenomenon in and of itself.

One other bit of exciting news is that the minimum 5 people have signed up to take my sketch-journaling class at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. So in February I will embark on teaching a few folks about what I find so satisfying in keeping a sketchbook. I guess that means that my own sketchbook needs to be at the top of my own priority list in the coming weeks!!

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