sabotaging boundaries

There is a nasty habit of mine where I find myself in a position of having taken on too much, in too many arenas, and then feel crushed by my self-imposed deadlines and responsibilities. This is a cyclical thing that I am coming to realize is a form of self-sabotage.

Every now and then, I need to re-stage my boundaries, tidy up my commitments and give myself some breathing room to work on new ideas. This week I finished up a stop motion video that Kim Taylor and I have been working on. I was interested in making some fun videos with her as a way to learn a little about a new media and to try out some new software. The second of our two videos is now done and it has been a tremendous amount of fun. (The strange image below is the link…)


I also finished up some simple drawings for the new Riley School website which is being given a make-over.


These activities have been worthwhile projects for their potential in getting my work “out there” as well as for the new skills I have learned in doing them. Finishing these and some other smaller projects will hopefully free up some space in my head and on my desk for Art (Capital A) as well as make more time for my “paying gigs” which get busier as spring approaches.

Being an artist requires constant vigilance to keep a successful balance. I am reminded of a unicycle rider…

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