back into the swing of things….


Happy 2008! I am grateful to be sitting here writing on this snowy January day, finally feeling somewhat human again after the holidays and being down with a cold. Today in the mail my final Christmas gift arrived from Joseph, Oregon. This is the issue of the Moonlight Chronicles by Dan Price that I blogged about a few days ago. What a treat! I have only just glanced at it as I am saving the real pouring over it for later, when I can spend some time with it next to this evening’s fire. The stickers were an added bonus and I have divvied them up among the kids.

Meanwhile, my own sketchy work continues. I have been breaking in the new sketch book by installing my signature pocket in the back of the book and making a design of sorts on the front cover. Since I made this book from scratch this time, “messing with it” to really make it my sketchbook was a more difficult task than just altering the average blank book. Now that I have done it however, the book feels even more my own and I have once again tackled that new-blank-book-syndrome that so many people feel when starting a new journal. Here’s the cover. I drew on it and glued some threads I had laying around.


And lastly, here’s a daily dog. Caskie is still my favorite to draw, simply because he is so darn scribbly himself.

To the folks who read my blog on a regular basis, thanks again. Your support and well wishes are what make it a pleasure to blog at all. Best wishes for a safe, prosperous, healthy New Year.


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