Simple gifts

The gifts are all opened here at Chez Bogard and we are settling into the quietude of Christmas vacation. No work or school schedules to worry about for a few days and we all have our new presents to play with. However, one of my favorite gifts has yet to arrive. My husband sent away to Dan Price to get a copy of his long-running sketch series, The Moonlight Chronicles.

When I first began keeping a sketchbook in earnest years ago, we stumbled upon Dan’s delightful work in Backpacker magazine. Over the years I have collected his numerous books about his art and life and have admired his “hobo-artist” approach to things. Dan is one of the artists upon whose work I have kept an eye while developing my own style of sketch journaling. I have given countless copies of his How To Make a Journal of Your Life to various fellow artists in the hopes that his down-to-earth approach to successfully keeping a sketch book will inspire folks to make their own. I am looking forward to getting a “real” copy of The Moonlight Chronicles in the mail from Dan himself.


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  1. i just loaned out my copy to zach, who’s travelling through europe over the next couple weeks. he was pretty stoked.

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