an old marionette

Last night I attended the annual Christmas party and “white elephant” gift exchange at the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, of which I am proud to be a member. This is always a fun gathering of old and new puppeteers and puppet builders, and a place where the sharing of ideas, inspiration and supplies is paramount. The gift exchange lets us all trade things that have been feeling stale in our own studios but might be just what someone else needs. The kids and I got some great fabrics along with a more fascinating gift.


This very old marionette was given to me by one of the founding members of the guild who has had an illustrious career in puppetry. She wanted to give it to someone who would repair it and give it new life. He may be a tad politically in-correct (if I am reading his make up correctly) yet I believe he may be quite old, and that potential history, even if unknown to me, is important.

So over the coming weeks, I will be untangling this little guy, and repairing his broken nose. Getting him back to working order will be a good exercise for me and I will be honoring the wish of the guild member who gave him over to his new home.

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