state of contentment

Puppies (all 3- Caskie too!) are sleeping, the house is clean and ready for the Family to come over and celebrate Maddie’s 11th birthday. There is chili simmering on the stove. The sky is pretty much falling outside with snow this morning that changed into sleet and rain this afternoon. Even so, Jack and I attended rehearsal this morning for the Riley School of Irish Music‘s Peace and Merriment concert which is tomorrow, weather permitting.

I love this sort of day when the feeling of “all my ducks in a row” pervades. I am very aware that this is a complete state of mind – that I could feel this content in the midst of our usual state of chaos, if only I weren’t so easily affected, to the positive and negative, by my immediate surroundings. But there it is, and for the moment, things are calm and warm and cozy here. It’s a lovely feeling.

I did some drawings of musical instruments that may make it onto the Riley website. I find that drawing them is like getting to know a beautiful piece of sculpture more intimately. It has been good exercise. Sort of like drawing dogs. Maybe I’ll go get a sketch or two of them done while they aren’t in motion…


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