Studio stand off


With the new puppies around, not much work is getting done in the studio this week, yet day by day, boundaries are being set and things are settling into a routine. Tomorrow I am going to work with Kim on the Don’t Understand video. The Pups seem to be ok with time in their kennel-crate so I am venturing out for much of tomorrow. Like any new mom, I will miss them, but it will be good to get back into work mode.

In between tidying up piddles, I have also been working this week on some sketches of traditional Irish musical instruments to give to the webmaster of the Riley School of Irish Music. She is thinking of incorporating them in some way in the design of the new and improved website for the school. I’ll certainly post a blog about this if /when it happens!

And that is basically all that’s going on. The holidays fast approach and I still have some thinking, buying and making to do in the gift department. But all will be well in the long run, in spite of the occasional studio stand off…


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