Daily dog (s)

Life is good here in puppy-ville. I have made a couple of sketches of the new additions, River and Iris, but mostly I have been puppy proofing the house and trying to get some Christmas shopping done in between.

We are getting to know the puppies and they are settling in to their new surroundings. Poor Caskie is a bitter bean and walks around sulking as if we have ruined his life. In the long run, his life will be enhanced by these new dogs – he just doesn’t know it yet. We have been taking care to get extra trips to the park with just him to make sure he feels loved.

Iris, who is older by a week and a good bit bigger, is by far the more rambunctious of the two pups, at least thus far. I just now had to pull her head out of the cat’s litter box. Mmmmm…. pecan rolls. River is only 8 weeks old and is just a tad more careful and laid back – for now. Both of them have slept through the night in their kennel which they share until they get bigger and both do most of their “business” outside (random piddles notwithstanding) Both show positive signs of the classic retriever behavior of The Endless Fetch Game, otherwise known as Slave to the Ball. It is one of my favorite games to play and look forward to many hours of tossing a slimey tennis ball for them to fetch.

With all this exhausting activity, puppy nap time is also something we see quite a bit. It is a good time for them to get some sleep and for me to get some writing and drawing done. I still can’t believe we have opened our lives to such joyful chaos and yet, it is now hard to remember life with out them.

Here’s Iris, pink belly for all to see, having an afternoon nap yesterday.


River looks a bit like someone out of an LL. Bean catalog. Especially when sleeping!

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