A good day

Yesterday was Family Saturday at the Carnegie Center for Visual Arts. That place is pure magic. The room where our monthly art-parties are held is such a beautiful space, filled with light, all kinds of imaginable supplies and space in which to experiment. Every school and community (and home!) should have a place like this where kids and adults alike can play and ask “what happens if….” I am enjoying getting to know the families that return month after month and am thrilled at the new families that find their way to us each month. I have lots of jobs… this one is quickly becoming a favorite.

Later in the evening, I was honored to be a part of my friend Carol’s 50th birthday party celebration. Carol and I have been friends for years. She was a huge inspiration to me when my art wings were first unfurling. I wish her many more happy years to come!

Although near dead on my feet, I wanted to listen to some Irish Music after Carol’s party. The problem was that there were two choices. Some friends of mine, the Roving Rogues, were playing about 35 minutes away in Lebanon. Meanwhile, about 2 miles from my house, Liam’s Fancy, accompanied by harpist extraordinaire, Jeni Westerkamp were playing. Geography and exhaustion won out and I dropped by a pub in Pleasant Ridge to hear Dan, Bev and Jeni (and for a few tunes Geoff!) play wonderful tunes and even sing a few songs (nobody can do this like Dan can!). Irish Music is the balm for my soul and I enjoyed sitting and listening to my talented friends play while I sketched some of the tipsy patrons, who were very good sports when they realized I was drawing them.


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