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The other night I had a dream about sketchbooking and in the dream, some of the pages were cut out with squares, like little windows that gave a peek into the images on the following pages. I love this idea and decided to try it in the “real world”. I’m happy with the results and plan to use this nifty idea again in the future.


Here are River and Iris on the towel where we set all the puddle boots when we come in from out in the yard, which is, currently, a boggy, muddy mess. (as are all three pups, much of the time!)

Simple gifts

The gifts are all opened here at Chez Bogard and we are settling into the quietude of Christmas vacation. No work or school schedules to worry about for a few days and we all have our new presents to play with. However, one of my favorite gifts has yet to arrive. My husband sent away to Dan Price to get a copy of his long-running sketch series, The Moonlight Chronicles.

When I first began keeping a sketchbook in earnest years ago, we stumbled upon Dan’s delightful work in Backpacker magazine. Over the years I have collected his numerous books about his art and life and have admired his “hobo-artist” approach to things. Dan is one of the artists upon whose work I have kept an eye while developing my own style of sketch journaling. I have given countless copies of his How To Make a Journal of Your Life to various fellow artists in the hopes that his down-to-earth approach to successfully keeping a sketch book will inspire folks to make their own. I am looking forward to getting a “real” copy of The Moonlight Chronicles in the mail from Dan himself.


an old marionette

Last night I attended the annual Christmas party and “white elephant” gift exchange at the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, of which I am proud to be a member. This is always a fun gathering of old and new puppeteers and puppet builders, and a place where the sharing of ideas, inspiration and supplies is paramount. The gift exchange lets us all trade things that have been feeling stale in our own studios but might be just what someone else needs. The kids and I got some great fabrics along with a more fascinating gift.


This very old marionette was given to me by one of the founding members of the guild who has had an illustrious career in puppetry. She wanted to give it to someone who would repair it and give it new life. He may be a tad politically in-correct (if I am reading his make up correctly) yet I believe he may be quite old, and that potential history, even if unknown to me, is important.

So over the coming weeks, I will be untangling this little guy, and repairing his broken nose. Getting him back to working order will be a good exercise for me and I will be honoring the wish of the guild member who gave him over to his new home.

book day

Yesterday I dipped my toes into the very rich and ancient art of book making. My friend and fellow artist, Lisa introduced me to one version of book making, the end result of which is a classic looking “real book”. My plan for this book is to keep it as my new sketch book. Having a totally hand-made-from-scratch book as my sketch book will be a new thing for me and I am thrilled to engage it and work with it in the coming months. My hope is to make a few more of these lovely books to get better at the involved process and improve my craft.



Meanwhile, things are looking up in the dog world, at least at my house. Even as the weather gets icier, at least some things seem to be thawing….


a bitter bean


It has been a week since the arrival of the new pups. Despite our efforts to make Caskie feel included in the household, he is maintaining his aloof, grumbling position with regard to River and Iris. A positive sign is that he seems all right with them when away from the house on a leash walk, but once back on home turf, he maintains his distance and growls if they try to play with him.

We adopted Caskie as an adult dog from a local rescue center and he was a huge project to take on at the time. We weren’t told why he was given to the shelter but my guess would be because of his unruly behavior. To put it plainly, he was a maniac – jumping on people, running all over the furniture. He had zero boundaries. It took a long, long time to reign him in. For months, I had him tethered to me on a leash, even indoors, so he could learn how to properly conduct himself around people.

There was an upshot to this boundless energy. Our old lab, Jakey was getting on in years – grumpy and a little chunky, as he could not longer go on runs with us. Caskie was just what he needed to put a little spring in his step. And he did. Old Jake wound up living to almost 15 years of age, which is pretty old for a large scale dog. He and Caskie had countless walks and hikes and camping trips together.

When Jakey finally passed, Caskie was devastated. He grieved visibly and really only perked up when we moved here to Chez Bogard where there so much space to run and play. Perhaps we waited too long to get another dog (0r 2). Perhaps we are in for another long, slow wait for Caskie’s behavior to change. I’m not sure. I will just keep doing what I’m doing: respecting his need for space, getting him a good out-of-yard walk everyday, and giving him love. It’s all I know how to do.

Hopefully he’ll stop being a bitter bean sooner than later. I know what joy looks like in a dog. I swear they smile when they’re happy. Although he’s not smiling too much right now, I have faith that the puppies will eventually sweeten his senior years, much as he did for Old Jakey.

state of contentment

Puppies (all 3- Caskie too!) are sleeping, the house is clean and ready for the Family to come over and celebrate Maddie’s 11th birthday. There is chili simmering on the stove. The sky is pretty much falling outside with snow this morning that changed into sleet and rain this afternoon. Even so, Jack and I attended rehearsal this morning for the Riley School of Irish Music‘s Peace and Merriment concert which is tomorrow, weather permitting.

I love this sort of day when the feeling of “all my ducks in a row” pervades. I am very aware that this is a complete state of mind – that I could feel this content in the midst of our usual state of chaos, if only I weren’t so easily affected, to the positive and negative, by my immediate surroundings. But there it is, and for the moment, things are calm and warm and cozy here. It’s a lovely feeling.

I did some drawings of musical instruments that may make it onto the Riley website. I find that drawing them is like getting to know a beautiful piece of sculpture more intimately. It has been good exercise. Sort of like drawing dogs. Maybe I’ll go get a sketch or two of them done while they aren’t in motion…


A Quote for the Day

“Passionless design (read ART here) is like a grill with no propane. If you’re not passionate about what you do, your work will show it, your character will show it, your life will show it, so find some charcoal or do something else.”

The above quote is from a blog I read on occasion called Layers of Meaning put out there by textile artist/ designer Serena Fenton. Visually it is beautiful and the content is always thought provoking and inspiring.

Meanwhile, my friend and fellow artist Tina introduced me to an artist she found named Lisa Kokin who’s use of mixed media in her sculptures and installations is brilliant. Her use of found photographs has me thinking about my own personal family photos and a potential long term project involving the use of these photos printed on fabric… more to come on that later.

Next week another dear artist-friend, Lisa, is going to show me how to make some blank books. This is exciting as not only will they potentially make great gifts but the skill will also be a natural progression in my sketchbook work as artist and teacher.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by passionate artists in my sphere of friendship who are constantly inspiring me with their work and abilities, which they readily share with me. And often it is through my friendships that I discover artists whose use of materials or content inspire my own work.

Go find your passion….

Studio stand off


With the new puppies around, not much work is getting done in the studio this week, yet day by day, boundaries are being set and things are settling into a routine. Tomorrow I am going to work with Kim on the Don’t Understand video. The Pups seem to be ok with time in their kennel-crate so I am venturing out for much of tomorrow. Like any new mom, I will miss them, but it will be good to get back into work mode.

In between tidying up piddles, I have also been working this week on some sketches of traditional Irish musical instruments to give to the webmaster of the Riley School of Irish Music. She is thinking of incorporating them in some way in the design of the new and improved website for the school. I’ll certainly post a blog about this if /when it happens!

And that is basically all that’s going on. The holidays fast approach and I still have some thinking, buying and making to do in the gift department. But all will be well in the long run, in spite of the occasional studio stand off…


Daily dog (s)

Life is good here in puppy-ville. I have made a couple of sketches of the new additions, River and Iris, but mostly I have been puppy proofing the house and trying to get some Christmas shopping done in between.

We are getting to know the puppies and they are settling in to their new surroundings. Poor Caskie is a bitter bean and walks around sulking as if we have ruined his life. In the long run, his life will be enhanced by these new dogs – he just doesn’t know it yet. We have been taking care to get extra trips to the park with just him to make sure he feels loved.

Iris, who is older by a week and a good bit bigger, is by far the more rambunctious of the two pups, at least thus far. I just now had to pull her head out of the cat’s litter box. Mmmmm…. pecan rolls. River is only 8 weeks old and is just a tad more careful and laid back – for now. Both of them have slept through the night in their kennel which they share until they get bigger and both do most of their “business” outside (random piddles notwithstanding) Both show positive signs of the classic retriever behavior of The Endless Fetch Game, otherwise known as Slave to the Ball. It is one of my favorite games to play and look forward to many hours of tossing a slimey tennis ball for them to fetch.

With all this exhausting activity, puppy nap time is also something we see quite a bit. It is a good time for them to get some sleep and for me to get some writing and drawing done. I still can’t believe we have opened our lives to such joyful chaos and yet, it is now hard to remember life with out them.

Here’s Iris, pink belly for all to see, having an afternoon nap yesterday.


River looks a bit like someone out of an LL. Bean catalog. Especially when sleeping!