Kitchen Carnage

A good time was had by all here at Chez Bogard on Thanksgiving Day.

We finally had our big ol’ oak table here at the New House, thanks to the efforts of some early arriving family members who helped move the last bits of stuff over from the Old House. There is nothing like sitting down to a meal with people I love at the table that has seen so many meals like this one, and hopefully many more to come. With that table here, it finally seems like home. So much for which to be thankful….

The Old House is officially SOLD, as of this morning’s closing. Hopefully the new family will create as many wonderful memories there as we did. I was pleased to hand over the keys to someone who seems to already care for it as much as we did. The sensation of temporary displacement that has plagued us since going through this move has been lifted. We can now truly settle in to this new place and begin to put our personal touch on the house as well as the garden.


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  • Esme Kenney November 24, 2007 - 15 years ago

    That food looks so good Congrads on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love,Esme


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