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As most artists know, being an artist involves operating in multiple spheres. It is an unusual artist who gets to (or even chooses to) do nothing but “make” 24/7. Artists I know, myself included, generally put together somewhat of a piecemeal living of odd jobs and teaching assignments (hopefully art related) that allow for art to be made at other times. It is a balancing act, to be certain.

Lately, I have had the great fortune to land some of these other types of work. One of the most exciting is the position of Teaching Artist for the Family Saturdays program at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Art Center in Covington, Ky. Every month, on the second Saturday of the month, families with kids of all ages are invited to the Carnegie Center’s educational room to make art projects inspired by and related to the current art being shown in the galleries. In the future, these projects will probably involve what’s happening in the theater too. (There is a suggested $5 donation per family to help cover costs).

My first Family Saturday as an instructor/art-guide in this program will involve projects inspired by the work of glass artists…

We’ll explore how glass artists approach transparency and color. We’ll also look at the art of Frank Satogata who uses brilliant color as well as an interesting calligraphy signature (we’ll make our own!!)

We have plans to use the concepts in the work of Anne Straus to approach some nature friendly art ideas for the fall time frame….

I am looking so forward to meeting the families who attend these art-parties at the Carnegie Center on a regular basis and hope that we can encourage more families to join the fun in coming months. I also look forward to teaching people some basic drawing techniques by providing an “Anyone Can Draw” table each month to try out along with all the usual gallery themed/seasonal art stations. So if you’re in the area, stop by and join us. It’s sure to be a great time making some cool stuff!

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