lady pilot

This past summer I had the opportunity to be involved with a community art project in which artists and non-artists alike collected interesting garbage and junk and other seemingly useless items. In this Collect Project, local artists then created works of art using the discovered discards. The results were amazing! All works were finally auctioned off a week ago to benefit ArtWorks, a non-profit arts organization based in Cincinnati that promotes job training, creative services and public art.

Fellow artist Tina Westerkamp and I created three mixed media pieces of work together. Lady Pilot, below, was my favorite of the three. We started with a metal paper towel holder, an old watch, some (clean) hospital tubing, and parts of a bicycle wheel. We then added some other “art goodies” from our own eclectic stashes. I could write a dissertation about our artistic process but basically, it was the magic of putting two rather different styles into what became an Other. It was a blast.

One of my favorite sayings goes something like “If you don’t stir the pot now and then, all the good stuff sinks to the bottom.” This is so true for art. Collaboration with another artist is a great way to discover new avenues of making and stirring that proverbial pot. I highly recommend it.

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